Water Maine Break

Water Maine Break

Maine Senator Susan Collins has said she won’t support a Supreme Court nominee hostile to Roe v. Wade.


She voted for Neil Gorsuch. She voted for Samuel Alito. She voted for John Roberts. Each are hostile to Roe v. Wade (among many other freedoms and protections we take for granted). What I think she is trying to do is limit calls, demonstrations, and pressure from her constituents.

Remember last year when she voted for the tax reform bill because she said she had received an “ironclad” promise from Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence to pass legislation to stabilize ObamaCare premiums. When’s that vote happening? She was lied to. She was betrayed. And now I’m sure she will be offered an “ironclad” promise again in return for a vote to confirm a Supreme Court pick. She will believe their lies again. She will cave in again. And she (and the country) will be betrayed again.

Don’t let her play this game. Don’t let her preempt or mitigate the pressure and scrutiny she should receive from the public. The only thing to do, especially if you live in Maine, is to put and keep the pressure on. Make it loud and clear to Collins now and until the vote occurs that she must keep her word not to support a nominee hostile to Roe v. Wade.

The Republicans currently control the Senate 51 to 49 (including the 2 Independent Senators who caucus with Democrats). If John McCain is unable to be present for a vote, the Republican lead then becomes 50 to 49. If Susan Collins keeps her word, and all Democrats stick together, that 50 to 49 edge flips the other way. In other words, she may be the only person who can save us from a dark, dystopian future.

There is a sliver of hope. But we must ensure she hears us. Because if she breaks, we all go down the sinkhole.

Call Senator Collins at 202-224-2523
Send Senator Collins a message online. 

If John McCain is able to vote, then we need to also put the pressure on Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Call Senator Murkowski at 202-224-6665
Send Senator Murkowski a message online.