twopointnine don’t count

When a candidate receives 2.9 million more votes and still ends up losing, something is seriously wrong with our election system. That’s 2.9 million voters who don’t matter. Their votes, representing more than the total population of eighteen individual states (based on 2010 census), and is more than the total vote in thirty-four states, may as well have been incinerated. We could void votes for Trump in eight states combined (Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, and Nebraska) or in Ohio alone and still not reach 2.9 million. Imagine the outrage if his votes in any one of those states simply didn’t count.

When they say every vote matters, every vote counts, they are lying. Votes are disproportionately weighted in favor of less populated states. It is time to abolish the electoral college. The electoral college was meant to prevent a dangerous and unqualified person from becoming president. It no longer serves this purpose. It is institutionalized vote purging.

We must remember this number: 2.9. Let’s put 2.9 on bumper stickers, billboards, t-shirts, hats, caps, pins, buttons, lawn signs, graffiti, and Facebook profile and cover photos. Let’s make 2.9 go viral. Let’s make it haunt the Putin puppet wherever he goes so he is always reminded that he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes.

Use image below as your Facebook cover photo:


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