The Rhetoric Blame Game

False equivalency strikes again.

Yesterday pipe bombs were sent to political opponents and vocal critics of Donald Trump. Specifically, the targets of the bombs were people he has called out by name at his cult shows.

Today the media has bent over backwards to show how both sides need to cool down on the rhetoric. For example, CBS This Morning showed several clips in an attempt at being “fair.” One clip was an interview with a Trump supporter—it looked like she was in the lobby of his rally last night—who said both sides need to take a step back. This was followed by another clip of past Trump cult shows (aka rallies) where he whipped up the flock into frenzied chants of “lock her up.”  Then, to be “fair,” CBS showed a clip of Eric Holder saying, “when they go low, we kick them.”

How are these things even remotely equivalent?

Is CBS trying to say that Eric Holder’s comments somehow carry the same weight and reach as the president of the United States? No, what they and other media try to do is show “fairness.” Except the truth and facts are not fair.

The president’s bullhorn and exposure is dominantly louder. Who on the left with the same stature and megaphone of the presidency is doing the same thing? Calling the press the enemy of the people? Inciting crowds to believe political opponents are criminals? No one. There may be fringe elements on the left who say these types of things, but THEY ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Let that sink in. On a daily basis, The President of The United States sends the message that it is okay to harm those who hold different views. He is sanctioning and spreading hate, anger, and violence. Simply put, he is promoting domestic terrorism.

What CBS showed this morning is one small sample of how the media in general ignores facts to appear unbiased or, even worse, to gin up ratings. It seems for the media, there is no such thing as real equivalency, just false equivalency.


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