Part of me wants to turn off all television news and live a happily ignorant existence. Another part of me needs to scream. At Chris Matthews. At Chris Cuomo. At Chris Hayes. It’s not the name Chris that bothers me. My confirmation name is Chris. No, it’s how the Chrises and others in the television news business are once again doing their best to sway and blow another election for Democrats.

After the terrorist murders in Pittsburgh, almost every news show had on good ol’ folksy John Kasich. He’s been making the rounds. What he says in all of these appearances is appealing: we need to have more empathy, stop putting up walls, reach out to others, and Trump is incapable of being a unifier. All of it sounds good. Common sense. But just as he criticizes Trump in one breath, he then invokes bothsidesism in another.

Dear John (and other bothsiders), let me explain this calmly: there is no both sides. Who on the left—even the so called liberal media (MSNBC, CNN)—is constantly lying and inciting violence like the president, with conspiratorial reinforcement from members of Congress, local Republicans, Fox “news,” Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Breitbart, to name a few?

For once I would love for any “journalist” (named Chris or not) to ask a bothsider, “Can you tell me, specially, who on the left is doing the same thing as the right?”

In regards to the media being called the “enemy of the people,” at least CNN’s Jim Acosta asked for specifics. Here’s his exchange with Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

ACOSTA: “The President said this morning the fake news media, the true enemy of the people, must stop. They have a responsibility to report the news accurately and fairly. Can you state for the record which outlets you and the President regard as the enemy of the people?

SANDERS: “I’m not going to walk through a list but I think those individuals probably know who they are.”

COSTA: “Would that include my outlet, which received pipe bombs last week?”

SANDERS: “I don’t think it’s necessarily specific to a broad generalization of a full outlet, at times, I think there’s individuals that the President would be referencing.”

She’s not going to walk through a list of those individuals the administration deems as enemies of the people? They probably know who they are?

She should walk through the list. Americans deserve to know who’s on the list. We must demand that the administration’s accusations be specific. Anything less must be viewed as just lies and projection of a propagandist agenda.

About the upcoming election:
If there is no blue wave, the rigging, the hacking, and the lopsided bothsidesism of the false equivalency media will have succeeded again. I think Americans are exhausted and fed up. I think we are craving decency again. I think the blue wave should be a blue tsunami. But I fear it’s going to be close. Too close. I fear democrats won’t gain control of either house.

Watch the results closely. We will know the election was rigged if there are many republican victories that fall miraculously just beyond the recount threshold.

Here’s another nerve-racker about the election: Mitch McConnell. Why is he acting like the fix is in?  His confidence is similar to the posture he had in 2016 when he refused to give President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing. It’s like McConnell knew Trump would win.

Now Mitch is saying we need to cut medicare and social security. Why would he say something he knows is unpopular right before an election? Is he confident in the outcome again? And if he knows the outcome, is he saying these things as a set up, so that after the election he can say cuts to safety net programs is what the American people voted for, because, after all, that’s what he said needed to be done before the election?

While this year’s map and math are difficult for Democrats, this election shouldn’t be close. If Republicans hold the house, the elections will have been stolen; the system—broken beyond repair. And a malevolent, malignant, and oppressive minority will rule over the majority for generations. If that happens, we must start to take secession seriously. Let’s stop pretending the states are united or equal.

At some point in systems where the minority oppressively rules over the majority, there are uprisings and revolutions. But we won’t need a so-called angry mob for secession to succeed. We’ll need a courageous bloc of progressive state governors and state legislatures to declare the current minority-rule federal government completely illegitimate.

Imagine how immaculate the northeast’s—and other progressive regions’—infrastructure, public transportation, and healthcare could be if our federal tax dollars stayed home and was invested locally instead of getting sucked away to support the welfare moocher states.

Now, excuse me while I cash my tithing check from Mr. Soros. Thanks, George!


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