Alt Left

Alt Left

The alt left is a made up term by right wing propagandists like Sean Shamity, now picked up by the president, to create a false equivalency to white supremacists, fascists, nazis, racists, anti-semites, and bigots of all stripes. When they use the term alt left, they mean feminists, blacks, non-whites, anti-fascists, gays, interfaith clergy members peacefully singing while they incite violence with torches, or anyone who dares to speak out against discrimination, hatred, and fascism. Since I won’t be silent, I guess that makes me a part of the alt left.

I would rather be alt left than be a stooge who defends and rationalizes the actions and words of the president, the leader of the new American Nazi party. You are either a member of that party and what it stands for or you aren’t. You are either an American patriot or a fascist nazi. But you can’t be both.

A friend put it best when he wrote on his facebook timeline:

If you’re a member of the Republican party, you have two options:
(A) Reject him and what he and his party stands for;
(B) Stand with him and what he and his party stands for.

There is no option three. You’re either with the new American Nazi Party or your against it. You don’t get to be ambiguous, you don’t get to talk in hyperbole, and you don’t get to be indifferent.

You’re either with the President and what he stands for — the American Nazi Party — or your against him.

Millions of people fought and died to end this type of tyranny.

Republicans everywhere have a choice: you’re either the party of the new American Nazi Party or you’re not. After today, there is no middle ground as far as I’m concerned.

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