2022: Until We Meet Again

In no particular order, here are my favorite songs, or the ones I listened to the most, in 2022. The complete playlist is shared on Apple Music, or scroll to end of this post.

The coffee’s on
The kids asleep
This is the only time I feel like I can breathe
I left last night
I lock the door
And cried myself to sleep
On the bathroom floor

Here comes the car key throw
Ice on the window
I was aiming to drive you home
Slept on the sofa the night the Hudson froze

Here’s where I almost quit (Hеre’s where I almost quit)
And thеre, I rebounded (There, I rebounded)
Here’s where I lost my shit (Here’s where I lost my shit)
And there’s where I found it (I found it, ooh)
Here’s where we used to sing (Ooh)
I still can’t believe it (Ooh)
And there’s where I knew for sure (Ooh)
I’m never leaving

When the babies are grown up
And they move so far away
To live their lives, only call sometimes
We’ll learn to be okay
But one day we’ll long for the chaos
Of this crowded messy house
‘Cause the good old days are happening right now

And I know you could fall for a thousand kings
And hearts that could give you a diamond ring
When I fold, you see the best in me
The joker and the queen

Whoever’s in charge here
Is just so damn rich
Eccentric and foolish
But just so damn rich
They carry fancy belongings
And have a look on their face
Like everything is disposable
And easily replaced

It ain’t the letting go, it’s more about the things that you take with
And I can feel it getting closer with every kiss
You gotta beat or join them
Try to act surprised
Just flip a coin ’cause I’m too bored to lie

Your mother stood there crying as we said our wedding vows
But you couldn’t wait a week before you started stepping out
And our bills went unpaid, and our bed grew cold
You could have made a book out of the stories that you told

It’s ’cause I love you, babe
In every kind of way
Just a little taste
Know I love you, babe

Don’t let ’em lower your shoulders
Love ’em more while they try
Grow younger while you’re growin’ older
Be amazed by the sky

Oh, I’ve been so down and under pressure
I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah
Oh, I’m not the girl I was or used to be
Uh, bitch, I might be better

Look now what I’ve become
Someone from another space and time
Look now what I’ve become
Just anyone, no one

Everybody stand in line,
One by one, take a hit, join the club,
Kids will try to take my vibes,
Or am I on the outside?

You only need one man
You only need one good man to love you
But you want all the band ones too

Last night I swear I heard your laugh
But I didn’t I bury your body
And write your epitaph?
And I know both those things are true – hmm
In the valley at Yosemite
It’s was always me and you

Can’t picture your face, but I know it was pretty
Yeah, you drew me that night
I saw love in your eyes but I didn’t know how to begin
When I walked you to mine, promised we’d take our time
Baby, some of us we ain’t meant to win

I followed you down so many roads, baby
I picked wild flowers and sung you soft sad songs
And every road you took I know your search was for the truth
And the clouds brewin’ now won’t be the last

You’re a stone wall
In a world full of rubber bands
You’re a pillar of belief
Still fightin’ your empty hands
Folks are gonna lean on you
And leave when the cracks appear

It’s hard to look at you and not see my own face
How to love for love’s own sake and not for my own gain

what a joke
was it all just an act
i hate that it took me so long to react
you had me convinced that you loved me
what a fucked up reality show
was it fame or the lack there of?
i just don’t know
you had me convinced that you loved me

Someone said that you left town
I better get a double round
And yes, I guess they oughta name a drink after you

Jewel (featuring Train)

I wanna take it back to how we used to be
When I ran to you and you ran to me
With nothing in between
You and me

And I’ll love you forever with the fire in my soul
Maybe I could be your girl
And we don’t ever say goodbye
Maybe in another life

Life is a drag and then you die
Sometimes, baby, you gotta get high
“There ain’t no mountain too rugged to climb”
Live for today ’cause you’re here tonight

The Night Baker steals a kilogram of cinnamon
More than he will ever need
The Night Baker once a given, now a taker
If only he had mouths to feed

Aloha ‘oe, aloha ‘oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace
A ho’i a’e au
Until we meet again

Thanks for the music and memories

Some of the artists who touched my ears, heart, and soul, and helped created enduring memories who passed in 2022.

Here is the complete 2022 playlist:


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