Hi y’all, I’m Pete.

I’m an author, playwright, husband, and dad. Maybe you’ve read or heard about a children’s picture book I wrote about my family’s adoption journey titled:

It’s available in Japanese, too. How cool is that?

I’ve also written (and produced) a bunch of stage plays, a screenplay, and a few essays, including one published in The New York Times.

Feel free to explore my site, read some posts, watch a video interview, listen to a podcast, or send a message just to say hi. Thanks for stopping by!

Stories & Reflections


There’s a story behind every story. And I’d like to share the story and inspiration behind some of my plays and other works. Here are links to some backstories: Anchors, Talk Shows, Love and Poetry Without Motion, Andrew Reaches the Other Side, Two Spoons and Red & Tan Line.

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