Hi y’all, I’m Pete.

I’m an author, playwright, husband, and dad. Maybe you’ve read or heard about a children’s picture book I wrote about my family’s adoption journey titled:

It’s available in Japanese, too. How cool is that?

I’ve also written (and produced) a bunch of stage plays, a screenplay, and a few essays, including one published in The New York Times.

Feel free to explore my site, read some posts, watch a video interview, listen to a podcast, or send a message just to say hi. Thanks for stopping by!

Folks Are Saying…

“A delightful story of love and hope.”

“Wonder fills his voice…”

“A sweet tribute to an enduring love that grew from happenstance…”

“Mercurio’s dialogue is so polished that you can’t help but enjoy it for its efficiency and intelligence…”

“Peter Mercurio is a talented new playwright who has succeeded in writing a ‘different kind of coming-out story.’”

Stories & Reflections


There’s a story behind every story. And I’d like to share the story and inspiration behind some of my plays and other works. Here are links to some backstories: Anchors, Talk Shows, Love and Poetry Without Motion, Andrew Reaches the Other Side, Two Spoons and Red & Tan Line.

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