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The New York Times Review of Refreshments.

Two Spoons

"Peter Mercurio’s splendid new comedy about a soon-to-be-wed gay couple shows us that with a little ingenuity, even the aphorisms of the old American sage Ben Franklin can avail us!"

"Two Spoons puts gay love into perspective as it poses poignant questions while delivering non-stop laughs and penetrating social commentary; besides a skillful examination into the psychology of same-sex relationships, the play is replete with throwbacks to Benjamin Franklin, his maxims and his rather unique way of living."

"I give Two Spoons two thumbs way up!"

— HX Magazine

"The script is wonderfully literate..."

"Mercurio's dialogue is so polished that you can't help but enjoy it for its efficiency and intelligence. You also have to like his many story-telling devices..."

"Trevor Keller's direction is kinetic, as fluid as Mercurio's script..."

— Creative Loafing, Tampa Bay

"Ultimately it's refreshing to see a play about gay themes that operates on a familial level, for sure, and there is much to admire about Peter Mercurio's sense of humor..."


"The play is perfectly delightful..." "Mercurio is a gifted playwright who will make a substantial contribution to American culture in the 21st century."

— Applause! Applause!

"'Andrew Reaches The Other Side' is...achingly sweet...features inventive touches...and charming actors..."

— HX Magazine

Red & Tan Line

"Mercurio has an obvious affection for his characters, and he keeps the proceedings nicely non-judgmental."

— Off-Off Broadway Review

Wasting Time

"One high point [of Unity Fest 2001] is Peter Mercurio's broader two-hander 'Wasting Time.'"